Kuandaa Lesson Plans


Wanna see what we believe in? Check out three years of our lesson plans to understand all that we’re up to and how we communicate the Gospel to pastors and their leadership teams


Equip Courses

The driving mission at Kuandaa is to equip Christians for ministry. We have worked with pastors in the US as well as our pastors in Uganda to develop our Equip classes. Equip is a 3-year program consisting of 18 total classes designed to provide practical ministry training for leaders of all skill levels. Feel free to download and use any of our classes to equip your people for effective ministry in their communities!

Women’s Empowerment

Wondering what exactly we teach the women of Uganda? We have you covered! Our women’s curriculum is available here for you browse and use. We do our best to cover all the hygiene-related topics that we can so we can keep the spectrum broad. We have also worked with nurses from our teams to ensure information is current and correct. We are trying to keep the women healthy so that they can continue using their gifts for God’s glory and provide a stable home for their children.

Meet Pastor Margaret and her daughter.

Pastor Margaret

You see, you mentored me and I appreciate you and how the Holy Spirit that chose to use you is now using me to touch the whole country in Jesus ‘ name.”

Youth Ministry

In 2018, we began teaching youth ministry as part of our curriculum. It is vital for local churches to reach youth, especially in countries where the average age of their citizens is much lower than the US. Thanks to our friends in the US, we now have a curriculum any church can use to learn to do effective youth ministry in their church and in their community. 

Youth Ministry

Village Storytelling

The Bible is essentially told through stories. Beginning with the story of creation and going all the way through the parables of Jesus, the Word of God uses storytelling to teach, shape, and guide our lives. We take a storytelling approach when we share the Gospel in rural villages. The stories capture the imagination of the children while also leading adults to deep truth. This method is used by many organizations currently working in Africa and around the world. Languages are different and cultures vary, but everyone can connect with a story. We have provided our material for you to begin telling stories.

Village Storytelling

Active Situation Training

The world can be a dangerous place for anyone, especially for those who travel. Although we have never felt unsafe in any place we go, preparation is always necessary. Do you know what to do in case of emergency? We encourage all of our travelers to watch the following active situation training video from our friend Stormy Scherer-Berry: