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Want to make a global difference? Invest in a leader. That’s what our generous donors do for hundreds of pastors and their church families across the globe. Find out how you can get involved today! 

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Our Mission:
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In Luke 10, Jesus teaches his followers that fields are ready to be harvested. That’s true in Africa. Millions of people are open to the gospel, but pastors in Uganda have very little training. Many are illiterate. But these men and women of God have a passion for the gospel and the kingdom. The training that we offer them is basic, but for many village pastors, it’s all they’ll ever have. You should see them; many travel hours by foot, taxi, or bus to spend a short time getting help with Bible study methods or sermon preparation.

The results have been dramatic. We’re planting churches at an astonishing rate. So far we have started 30 churches and are well on our way to 100 by the end of 2020. Would you help us equip them?

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Well-equipped pastors impact their church and their community. 

By planting churches, empowering women, or sharing scriptures with children, your gift to Kuandaa International goes beyond the pastor instruction we offer. These pastors have influence in their communities, nearby schools and families. 

One hundred percent of your gift helps to equip others.

Kuandaa International is a non-profit with an all-volunteer board and staff. Every bit of your gift covers the cost of travel and teaching materials.

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