Ugandan Ministry Center

In 2022, we envisioned the next step in Kuandaa’s work: a ministry center, where leaders can be equipped and empowered even further. We dreamed of a central location to dig deeper, a location that would house students as well as ministry teams, host classes, and serve as the home base for Kuandaa’s work in East Africa. We believed that phase one would be to purchase land. Because of the cost of land in Uganda, we estimated we would need $100,000 to meet our needs.

However, we have recently been presented with an amazing opportunity to purchase an existing ministry center in a prime location in Jinja at a discounted rate. This center has housed various equipping ministries for 8 years and the current ministry is ready to retire their work at this center. The property is absolutely perfect for our needs: bunk rooms for housing teams and leaders, kitchens, classrooms, and security. The property is beautiful. The current owners love that it will be maintained as a ministry site so the asking price is only $93,000 USD.


This is immensely exciting for us. We believed $100,000 would only get us land to build on. Now, for $93,000, we will have a move-in ready space for our ministry to expand immediately! God is good!

The only difficult part is that they would like us to take the property by April. Thanks to the generous efforts of our partners, we have already raised $30,000 toward this expansion.

That means we need to raise $65,000 by Easter 2023!

We believe this is the right property for us, so we are committing to raise all the funds immediately.

We would love for you to partner with us by donating to the ministry center.

By supporting this effort, you will be giving the people of Uganda and beyond an opportunity to gain precious knowledge and ministry training. The church in East Africa will be built up, as leaders take their skills back to their home communities and engage in life-changing community ministry there. You will be changing lives with every dollar!

So, thank you. Thank you for giving. Thank you for caring. Thank you for equipping the church with us. We couldn’t do this without you.

Time left to Fundraise